report from the web wilderness 2

Am making these reports for the benefit of social media users who wonder what it's like out here, without the loving arms of Mark Zuckerberg protecting you from bots and gently handing you to the government.
I have the cheap hosting plan from Dreamhost. They claim it's unlimited bandwidth and are good on minor support issues.
But if you attract spammers or lowlifes trying to gain access to your login (the "hack du jour" for Word Press software users), Dreamhost gives you general-interest Wiki links on how to lower bandwidth.
Lately their "Process Watcher" script has been shutting off my site when, say, 24,000 login attempts come in and my plugin is strugging to bounce them.
This is called blaming the victim.
I could move to a plan that's designed for small businesses with multiple accounts. (Pair hosting looks like the better alternative to Dreamhost at the moment.)
But I'm not that active; it seems stupid to do that just to accommodate extra spam.
The price may be that I'm not reachable for a few hours a week while I'm being invaded by bots.
Haven't decided whether to make a move but in the meantime, if I'm down, sorry, it's my host's fault. (And Google's, for their scheme of monetizing links.) I should be back in a couple of hours at the most.

Update: Thanks to TB for a suggestion: I'm trying out another plugin that hopefully won't trigger the dreaded Process Watcher.