"Factory at Night II"

"Factory at Night II" [mp3 removed -- a revised version is on Bandcamp]

The percussion and modular synth recording fodder for my Reaktor sample maps is also going into folders on the Octatrack sampler/sequencer.
This one uses some of that recycled material, but also a new recording of the modular synth. Specifically a patch where the ADDAC wav player's envelope follower triggers a voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) processing a pitched square wave output from a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). When a drum sample in the ADDAC "peaks," the envelope bumps the VCA on the square wave. Due to the vagaries of the ADDAC's sample start and end times, these bumps are irregular, giving slight syncopations to the beat (both in the ADDAC drum loop and the simultaneously-played square wave). The sound is intriguing enough, I thought, to let it solo for a few seconds near the end.