Weird Stretched Zombie, 2014, clip of found video

Video clip [9.3 MB .mp4]

Screenshot of video frame (detail):


Jules asked, "is this your net art?" Yeah, man, this is postNastyNets art where we condescend to an innocent YouTube uploader sharing a cool glitched zombie from a shooter game. But seriously, the zombie that somehow became surrealistically mingled with a communications tower, so that it stretched far up into the sky, appears strange and beautiful in an environment of tawdry, unrelenting commercial bleakness. As the program notes for this net art explain, "The shooter's POV ascends briefly to determine if this is enemy or architecture."

In the screenshot above, the zombie is visible in the upper left of the frame. In the clip, the "camera" swings around and studies the zombie sculpture from a moving, ground-based position. Very quickly, lest the other zombies catch up and eat the viewer. Then, once around the industrial wasteland, and back for a second view. On the second pass, a bizarre bird-thing can be seen hanging frozen in air next to the sculpture.

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Last March, following a Simon Reynolds recommendation, I discussed a popculturecrit blog by Carl Neville called "Holding Out for a Hero." It appears Neville took it down but have not seen this before: when you go to a dead Blogspot link you are prompted to sign into Google, and if it IP-recognizes you, it pre-inserts your login name and offers a box for a password.
(I've bailed on most Google products but they seem eager to have me back.)
The login screen makes it look like the content is still there but "private" -- it doesn't say yea or nay about what you'll see when you (re-)enter the bosom of the Google Family of Fine Products.
I don't particularly want to find out. Of course, as the purchaser of Blogger many years ago, Google has a right to exploit dead links as a snare for new customers but still, it looks Dark Pattern-like to me.