abe linkoln "optimized"


Rick Silva in his Abe Linkoln persona posted a couple of sleek but ginormous GIFs based on his 3D animations (presumably), on the revived SCREENFULL blog. It is the present blog's mission to make his work available to barely-on-the-grid-types using dialup or bandwidth-throttled smartphone relays out in the far hills. These citizens deserve culture, too. The optimized (cropped, de-pigmented) versions put up here are still too damn large -- each is just under 300KB. These are details of much larger GIFs, dimensions-wise, so remixing has been done. Yes, that word was used.




Copied and pasted some glitchy rectangles from SCREENFULL into dump.fm -- I guess there was some difference in what I saw in my browser and what others did. Am not ruling out some manipulation by the usual suspects before the squares reached the screenshot stage.