untweeted tweets

norman lear, TV gatekeeper/empresario of the '70s, now uses promoted tweets to get his jokes out

obama "surprised as all heck" that the militarized cops his administration enabled post-Occupy were used in a racial context

10 articles that tell you about 10 foods that aren't as healthy as they're supposed to be

am retreating to my mind palace, a place of zoom lenses, captions, and CGI objects flying around

a problematizing stink bomb hurled into the perfumed corridors of so-called net art discourse

my attention isn't corralled into mall-like social networks, highwayed over by serial-television bingeing, or processed through an app toybox

introducing Chobani Realâ„¢ with added whey and no evaporated cane juice #satire

i don't care about paul mccarthy's butt plug monument

U.S. show of post-internet art in beijing is kind of like brad pitt doing coffee ads in tokyo (no one at home will see this)