linkjaying - bandcamp

Have been looking for kindred musical spirits and thought I would check out active audiocassette-releasers. Cassettes played a large role in the ambient/noise scene of the '80s/'90s, which I wasn't participating in as a producer but was certainly aware of via publications such as OP and OPtion. It's amusing to see how cassette "merch" mingles with digital tracks on Bandcamp -- a hint of the "real" in the vapor of streaming audio but also the continuation of a subcultural tradition. My personal taste lies with music that combines piquant, lapidary noise/synthesized timbres with beats, musical structure, and conventional song development, so that's what I'm looking for. Below are tracks (hat tips dpnem and sstage) that have those elements. Most are "electronic" but Washington DC's Talking Points is straight-up jazz, melding a '60s/McCoy Tyner sound with hints of Univers Zero. Lortica's is the most amorphous entry.

demonstration synthesis - simple syrup

nonhealer - the paradox unseen

talking points - garv

lortica - trou de trou

demonstration synthesis - lake sunrise

politesse - natasha