we'll know an artistic nude when we see one

Re: Google's draconian plan to determine what's a dirty picture and what isn't on Blogger, and block public access to the blogs its staffers determine are nasty.
What's going on here? An uneducated guess is that once the offending sites are tucked away, Google will incorporate Blogger blogs into Google+, its struggling Facebook clone, so it can have an advertising-palooza with all those new family members.
Google bought Blogger in 2003. If I'd been a Blogger user, I would have left then, rather than wait 12 years for Google to start doing horrible stuff to me.

Update: According to Lauren Weinstein, Google is "completely rescinding" its Blogger nude suppression policy, a move Weinstein calls "gutsy." Am not sure if the mere reversal of a gutless policy merits that adjective.