Meta Dance Classic (new Bandcamp release)

Am pleased to announce a new Bandcamp release titled Meta Dance Classic.

Some LP notes:

Continuing to cannibalize older tunes for beats and riffs. The track "Meta Dance Classic" is 100% new but all the others are reworked so extensively they are essentially new. Almost all these songs have melodies or textures produced with Eurorack modular gear, but integrated with softsynths and "packaged" beats. The presets get a tweak, too, so there is almost nothing here that hasn't been massaged to fit the main idea. Am continuing to experiment with timestretching tempos (mostly to speed up songs that were sounding sluggish). In the older versions of some of these tunes, the structure consisted of allowing a beat to develop and then putting some cake icing in at the end in the form of a catchy synth riff. What I'm doing here is moving the "icing" to the beginning of the song, adding counterpoint melodies, choruses, bridges and the rest of that traditional songwriting stuff, so the beat is almost not heard at all (maybe a couple of bars as a "drum solo").

Your support in the form of buying the LPs or songs is very encouraging, but all the material can be streamed. A cassette version is available: it looked so "meta" I decided to use an image of it for the cover.

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