playlist for last night's anonradio set

Archived (mp3) version of my guest mix on ffog's anonradio show last night. The mix starts at 04:35.
Here is the set list:

Jerry Goldsmith, Mince and Cook Until Tender (In Like Flint)
Danger Diabolik dialogue
4Hero, May the Wicked Perish in the Fire of Hell
Melen Monk, Phen
London Elektricity, Harlesden
Softcore, Love 2 B Right
Supersister, Confrontation of the Armies
Atomic Rooster, And So to Bed
Danger Diabolik dialogue
John Andrew Medeiros, Hansel and Gretel Dance
Unicorn Hard-on, Mysterious Prism
Clown Staples, Windows Noises
Saucermen, United Worlds (Touchdown)
Bruno Coulais, Dreaming (Coraline)
Ennio Morricone, Charading Chaffeurs in Wait (Danger Diabolik)
4Hero, Mad Dogs (Feeding Propaganda)
Emerson, Lake and Powell, Step Aside
Mark Mothersbaugh, Xp28
Danger Diabolik dialogue

This is kind of like Soundcloud, in a universe without share buttons, stats, autoplaying next tracks, wav file graphics, fact-packed sidebars, and comments pasted on top of the stream.
Thanks again, ffog.