sketch_l5 (CC_1477)


Made with Chibi Paint, Linux MyPaint, and GIMP.
A redo of one of my Computers Club Drawing Society drawings, with fake drips and textured background added.
When I worked in acrylic I also used to add fake drips after a drawing was finished, to give the impression of painterly gusto.
I would put down a spot of color, load the brush with water, push down, and let gravity do the rest.
See, e.g. 24 drawings like the above.

a. bill miller daily drawing remix


Another wrinkle (pun intended) on the idea of "digital painting." A. Bill Miller has been making physical drawings with oil stick and other media, scanning them, and texture-mapping them onto 3D-simulated folds of cloth. An archive of these is here.
Taking liberties I shopped (GIMPed) several of these into the "Magritte version" above.
Thinking back to studio days, painting cloth with a pattern was always hard because you had to simultaneously keep the logic or gestalt of the printed design in mind while reproducing the topological contortions of the fabric that you saw right before you. To get the folds right you were in constant danger of skewing the pattern. A 3D program allows so-called machine intelligence to do the problem-solving, freeing you the artist, up to do...what, exactly? What is the purpose of labor saving in a non-Taylorist context? In this case, I guess, it's to make a cloth-fetishist dreamscape.