current and upcoming projects

Some notes on current/future art activities:

--A solo show in the project space at Honey Ramka gallery in Brooklyn (opening Nov 20 -- press release coming soon). It's called "Original PNGs" and it's all digital-based work. Am printing out 40 drawings from my Computers Club Drawing Society page, as well as some of the new work on the Linux PC I'm been posting. Also an animated GIF, that will be displayed on an Amazon Fire tablet (purchased on Ebay -- kind of a joke but it actually looks pretty good, display-wise). The reason for doing prints isn't merely "to create artificial scarcity" (as the new media folk love to say about galleries) -- viewing 40 drawings in a wall-sized grid has a certain impact you don't get scrolling through them online. I hope you can come see it.

--A one-month digital residency at, scheduled for March 2016. The residency series is a new project for the London gallery Gazelli Art House, and currently features the work of Laura Brothers. Other slated artists include Philip Colbert, Hyo Myoung Kim, Giovanna Olmos, Federico Solmi, Ben Tricklebank, Anthony Antonellis and Kari Altmann. I expect I'll be doing work similar to what's on my blog, at whatever state of evolution that's at in four months.

--In December I'll be giving a talk to a group at Bard on digital painting. More details when I have them, but it will be loosely based on these notes for an imaginary panel. Update: This has been bumped to February. Update 2: The students who invited me never got back to me, then they graduated.

--My artwork in The Wrong will be up for the next few months The Wrong is the second installment of a digital Biennale; the first was administered in Sao Paolo and I assume this one is, too. A group of curators are invited by the Biennale, who in turn invite artists. I have work in Utopia Internet Dystopia, curated by Valentina Fois.