discussion of virtual reality goggles art

tm the "facehugging hardware paradigm" makes me nervous
cb Well its not making me nervous
cb There's a lot of competition in the space
cb I know some of the usual suspects are working on it but I was hoping you might know some other ppl that might not seem [to be] the kind who would do VR but are
cb There's PlayStation VR, Facebook Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive
cb Also there's the gear VR for Samsung phones and Google cardboard/glass
tm i can't really evaluate without strappin on the gear
cb So one ring to rule them all isn't something I'm all that worked up about because Oculus might come out as the defacto device, but I don't think that will invalidate experiences on other VR headsets
tm i really like feeling air circulating around my face when contemplating the sublime
cb You should try it
tm i have
tm i hate it
tm i think it forces participation
cb Whens the last iteration uve used ? DK1?
tm in a way that other art doesn't
cb You could say that about the internet too
tm no i can walk away from that
cb u can just take the headset off tho
tm since i don't have the addictive phone/facebook combo
cb im not a facebook person either, but VR seems like there are some great experiences to be had
cb i dont think the world will descend into some matrix-esque hell
tm putting on the headset is unaesthetic to me -- too confining
tm i already wear glasses
cb i think you need to try the newer headsets, theyre much more comfortable
cb and glasses friendly
tm it's not a matter of comfort
tm i don't strap on a feedbag to have a nice meal
tm plus all my objections to bad 3D rendering
tm i think it's the wrong way to go
cb ok, but if there was a better way to have a cheap, widely accessible IRL experience like that, people would have done it already
cb VR lets everyone enjoy it
tm i think IRL is fine without imitating it whole
cb i think it goes with the notion of distribution on the internet
tm art should work on lighter, more lo-res levels
tm i'm against the gesamtkunstwerk

(from memory)
cb art doesn't have to be only lo-res
tm not saying that - the met has many hi-res paintings and i like them - but i hate Pixar

Update: Youtube version of this discussion by Jules Laplace