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The Atlantic: I went back to a dumbphone. Well, duh. This article obviously isn't aimed at the prescient few who used their dumbphones continuously during the iPhone era. Also, it's an ad for a "new" kind of dumbphone that does what any dumbphone on the market does: calls and texts. Update (related): Another media Einstein realizes that twitter is competing with regular (i.e., his) content. What did he think was happening a couple of years ago when twitter links to his posts started changing to links?

Internet of things home pregnancy kit (hat tip Rene Abythe for this pic).

Matt Taibbi and Roy Edroso make fun of the "crying cowboys" out West. Edroso:

I don't like mandatory minimums and I'm willing to entertain the notion, at least, that the arsonists in this case don't deserve theirs, despite their belligerent history. But that's not what the current protest is about -- it's about seizing government land. Which I guarantee you would not in such a case be equitably distributed among We the People, but would instead get funneled to the usual shitheels whose cries for devolution of government resources always come down to "gimme."