Hyo Myoung Kim


...is currently doing a digital residency at Gazell.io (the online space for London's Gazelli Art House gallery), where I'm scheduled to put work up in March.
You can launch Hyo Myoung Kim's show from the artist page. (I also like Laura Brothers' work).
His is glitched-out 3D painting, some animated and some not. One thing I've noticed is the gallery page resizes images to a standard format, so most of his work would occupy more screen space if it was the true size. The files are also large and load slowly, although animations such as this 19 MB gif are worth the wait. Transparentization of all the layers of these complex tangles of digital vermicelli gives a sensual, time-lapse effect. The seductive qualities would be lost if the file was any smaller.

another (flawed) anti-smartphone testimonial

Here's another person -- an executive at a Silicon Valley start-up, no less! -- who has written an article about how he doesn't have a smartphone. Always good to read (more potential catechism-like phraseology):

I was on my bike, cycling to Stanford, and it struck me that a week had gone by without my having a phone. And everything was just fine. Better than fine, actually. I felt more relaxed, carefree, happier.

But then the confession falls apart when Mr. Silicon Valley admits he uses a friend's phone five times a month, to call... Uber!

This would be like a person in the '90s saying "I don't have a TV but I do knock on my neighbor's door five times a month and ask if I can watch my 'Faces of Death' video."

Just get a burner phone and call a cab, is that so hard? But we'll take what we can get, alternative lifestyle-wise.