another (flawed) anti-smartphone testimonial

Here's another person -- an executive at a Silicon Valley start-up, no less! -- who has written an article about how he doesn't have a smartphone. Always good to read (more potential catechism-like phraseology):

I was on my bike, cycling to Stanford, and it struck me that a week had gone by without my having a phone. And everything was just fine. Better than fine, actually. I felt more relaxed, carefree, happier.

But then the confession falls apart when Mr. Silicon Valley admits he uses a friend's phone five times a month, to call... Uber!

This would be like a person in the '90s saying "I don't have a TV but I do knock on my neighbor's door five times a month and ask if I can watch my 'Faces of Death' video."

Just get a burner phone and call a cab, is that so hard? But we'll take what we can get, alternative lifestyle-wise.