"If 90s Were 10s"

"If 90s Were 10s" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

This was made with Ardour (also verve and panache). Ardour is a digital audio workstation that I'm running on a Linux PC. Finally resolved my latency issues. Still haven't found the right tool in Linux for a final "master" so I used the PSP Vintage Warmer (hat tip JP) on Windows for that.

Ardour has what I consider the working basics: "MIDI out" to control an external synth; simultaneous record/playback of the synth while other tracks are playing; audio tracks (with plugins) running alongside midi-tracks-with-softsynths (also with plugins); limiter on the master bus. Ardour mixes all this down to a 32 bit wav file (faster than Windows does).
Ardour has some limitations -- MIDI editing is pretty sparse. But also some advantages, such as a list of audio clips that shows the place of each in the timeline. Anyway, getting there.

Sonically, am continuing to explore the E-Mu Orbit 9090 soundfonts, hence the title.