ptyxolopies event recap



Thanks to Ice and kiptok for the images of the dump screen at the ptyxolopies event at Sunview Luncheonette in Greenpoint (an actual shuttered diner that now serves as a semi-private place for talks and events).
The idea was to have "live onscreen" before a group and talk out loud about dumps and dumping, since that is rarely done.
Some reference was made to notes of previously saved dumps, including a vocal reading of this grass dump. The focus of the evening was visual poetics and how (or whether) dump fit into that. Thanks to dumpers who actively dumped from remote locations from 8-10 pm so we had something to talk about (including toilets, "sideboobs," and special sauce containers). Am guessing there were some dumpers who wanted nothing to do with any heavy handed outside interpretation but "that's what you got."