"Perfect Waves"

"Perfect Waves" [mp3 removed -- revised version is on Bandcamp]

Various sampler and wavetable modules are played with Expert Sleepers PC-to-cv hardware, then mixed as audio loops in Ableton. One Ableton pad is used to sweeten it up a bit. The finished track is then sped up, 16 percent faster.

Update: Let's call this work in process. Now that it's posted and I hear multiple "issues" requiring tweaks. This recent music is a bit like filmmaking where you go on location (recording riffs on the modular synth, with certain sounds coming out of a particular hairball of patch cords, which may be lost once the cords are removed) and then back to the editing room, where you realize you don't have all the "shots" you need and have to compensate for it in post-production.
"Post" in this case means taking some of those modular riffs, slicing them in Ableton and re-pitching and re-sequencing the notes. I can hear several instances where I want to do that here. Also eliminating repetition -- the more I listen the more critical I get of sequencer redundancies.

Update 2: Snipped out 13 seconds and changed some notes and volume levels; re-uploaded.

Update 3: A few changes to the ending; re-uploaded (again).

Update 4: Beats added because I felt this had no "bottom"; re-uploaded (yet again).