one day in the wall street area

Tourist (with some English): Excuse me, can you tell me where is the boal?
Sane American: Sorry, the what?
Tourist: The bull...
Sane American: Oh, the bull! It's about three blocks up that way.
Tourist: What do you call it, exactly?
Sane American: "The Wall Street Bull." It's stupid. It's a stupid statue.
Tourist: (laughs) Maybe it will make me lucky.
Sane American: Then don't go anywhere near it.

one day on the internet

Followed a link to a Wired story of minor interest (about tooth flossing); they allowed me to read about three paragraphs before a big pop-up appeared smarmily announcing HERE'S THE THING WITH AD BLOCKERS...
They wanted me to subscribe or turn off Ghostery, I suppose. I took option number three, IT'S A BIG INTERNET, FULL OF CONTENT BESIDES YOURS... and clicked away from the story.