Taibbi defends Clinton for his bosses

Matt Taibbi writes for Rolling Stone, which favors returning the Clintons to power. Normally Taibbi speaks his mind in spite of this bias but his bosses must have been delighted with a recent column trashing Trump.
In a campaign speech in New Hampshire, Trump itemized some of the dubious Clinton Foundation activity that upsets people on both sides of the political aisle but has been under-reported until recently:

--Ridiculously huge speaking fees paid to Bill Clinton by companies that had business before Hillary's State Department;

--Clinton Foundation moves to give foundation donors suspicious reconstruction contracts in Haiti and a seat on an intelligence advisory board;

--Clinton Foundation machinations on behalf of a Russian uranium company;

and other examples of shady ethics that have been well documented by the center-left. Taibbi mentions these points but rewrites them so they fit a comical narrative about how Trump is a bad speaker when he reads from prepared remarks. Taibbi blows right past the substance and makes this a "process" story, which is one of the main flaws of conventional, DC-based election coverage.