one day at the drycleaners

coiffured announcer (voice on large-format TV screen overhead): seemed important for the mayor to say the incident wasn't terrorism...
customer (talking back to the TV): That's because it wasn't terrorism.
drycleaners proprietor: It wasn't terrorism? What was it?
customer: Some guy with a grievance.
drycleaners proprietor: Huh.
customer: It's important for the ruling class to keep us scared at all times.
drycleaners proprietor: That's the way it is.

"Half Clocked"

"Half Clocked" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

More modular synth sounds, assembled into a tune in Linux Ardour 5.3.
For this one I tried to build a techno-style track from the ground up. Kick, snare, and hihat sounds are individually concocted using white noise, FM, sine/square waves, envelopes, a mixer module, and a compressor (the last of which makes the beats audibly more dynamic).
The melodies are chords emanating from individual modules (analog and sampler).
The "clocked" refers to Tiptop Audio's Clocked Delays cartridge for their ZDSP module. The white noise snares get a fair bit of that treatment here. Also used was a sample-and-hold module to change the filter settings on the main tune that runs throughout.
The only "cheats" are kicks and static-y sounds borrowed from the tune "Eight Gates," crafted with the Octatrack.