crooks and betrayers

Trump, while campaigning, said a few refreshing things about national defense (out of one side of his mouth, at least) but then, once elected, wasted no time reviving ghouls from the Bush era for key posts. Among the names floated: Woolsey! Bolton! and now the man Democrats were instructed at one point not to call General Betray-us. In announcing the latter pick (for defense secretary), Clinton hagiographer Joe Conason illustrates the maxim "history is written by the loser." Conason willfully misunderstands Trump's "Crooked Hillary" epithet as applicable to security clearances and wades into a useless comparison of whether Clinton or Betray-us was more security-minded. "Crooked Hillary" wasn't aimed at abuse of security classifications, but rather the Clintons selling themselves for cash to unscrupulous businessmen and unsavory world leaders, via their Foundation. Voters understood this even if Conason doesn't.