"Machine Song Throwdown"

"Machine Song Throwdown" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

Elektron stopped making its Machinedrum so I found one used. It can be connected via MIDI to an Octatrack to expand the number of available tracks. That's what happens here. All the sounds are either one device or the other, except the videogame-y riff, which was done with the SIDguts module and Doepfer A-154/155 sequencer (and then further sliced up in the Octatrack). The BPM is 141, so the machine song goes by so quickly its mongrelization of different moods and motifs isn't as apparent as it would be at a slower rate. It's a PoMo ThrowDo.

Some beats on the Machinedrum were "found" (i.e., left in ROM by the previous owner). I tweaked them quite a bit, but, hat tip to GYS.