"Seven Parts"

"Seven Parts" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

The Elektron Octatrack uses "parts" to store groups of samples that have been sliced or tweaked in various ways. Each part has a group of patterns that "trig" the samples.
Parts and patterns are stored in banks. The Arranger makes songs using patterns from various banks. This tune could be called "Seven Banks" but the main focus of the exercise was to seamlessly switch among various sample families stored in the parts.
The samples are mostly from live recordings of the SammichSID synth. That is, live in the sense of triggered by the Octatrack's MIDI channels and sampled in real time. Other sounds come from sample chains found on the internet and sliced, and some percussion from the samplv1 and a-fluidsynth synths, playing in Ardour (Linux version).
Playback from the Octatrack was then recorded in Ardour and then mastered (i.e., loudened).
The "tech-house" part at 1:12 is a fanfic nod to Antonelli Electr.

Update: Tweaks to the gain of one Part, and made the antiphonal section at 1:12 fully stereo (setting got lost on the first go); reposted.