m.po list of banal phrases (2017 update)

Last year, reader m.po sent a "curmudgeonly and William Safire-ish" list of words & phrases from the depths of officespeak and millennial-by-way-of-advertising-speak.
Here's the original list; below are new phrases added in the past 12 months.

It's hard not to use these words on a regular basis. Many are just linguistic shortcuts, skid-greasers, and ice-breakers but that doesn't mean they aren't a blight on speech.
m.po says "I started keeping the list [of phrases] so I could make damn sure never to repeat any even as their cretinous lure was upon me, like $2000 'cash back' or a box of chicken mcnuggets (I’m lovin it)... a lot of these are the linguistic equivalent of a fist bump."

because…(noun), e.g. because…football
chicken and egg problem
bring to the table
team player
new normal
outside the box
no brainer
... much?
good luck with that
feature not a bug
off the hook
that’s money
its what we do (or its what you do)
any variation on "owning it"
sked, or worse, skedded
black swan
perfect storm
facing headwinds
tipping point
tail risk
wake-up call
an "aha" moment
data driven
loaded for bear
living the dream
tuck into (e.g. she tucked into a salad of roasted beets and cornichons)
bingeworthy, bingeable
...forward (fashion-, malt-, dog-)

albert oehlen (2017)


Untitled (Baum 84), 2016, oil on ​dibond, 98 7/16 × 98 7/16 inches © Albert Oehlen. Photo by Stefan Rohner.

The Gagosian empire sent this image in a press release email -- tasty! At least, as a jpeg.
The show opens Feb 26 in the 21st Street space.
The paintings are big, in case your second loft needs wall hangings.
There was a time when Oehlen was a bad boy, sigh.


Still arguing with Clinton corporate Democrats. Steve Bannon, internet troll turned White House honcho, is the new lightning rod for the HuffPo set. On a private page, am talking with someone who feels we must put our trust in the "intelligence community" to protect us from... the alt-right.

Am sick of this discussion so here's the reply I would have made if I wanted to continue it:

Alt-right is a Clinton term -- you seem to be using it to mean Ultimate Badness but to me it just means "Breitbart."
Bannon seems to have become the new Dr Evil superbrain to the suddenly-invigorated left. But he can't be that smart if he thought Obama was an ACORN person, rather than a Finance-Insurance-Real Estate person.
Clearly the Trump/Bannon "strategy" is to throw out a lot of stuff in the first week that makes libruls' heads explode.
Pick an issue -- am waiting to see if they try to slip anything by on net neutrality.
Worrying about which warmongers are going to be on the NSC can be your issue.