lazy YT-jaying: The Trip

According to the liner notes for Pebbles Vol 3, Kim Fowley wrote "The Trip," a mocku-psych 45 rpm record performed by LA disc jockey "Godfrey."
Here is the "rare long version": [deleted by YouTube -- oh well -- lots of copies of the "short version" are available]

it's that time, babe / it's time to take a trip /
gonna leave this place / and all the rat race
everything's so pretty / miles from any city /
just you and i / and the big blue sky

We 21st Century humans like to think our culture moves at Wi-Fi-Hi speed but this is a parody of psychedelia while it was happening (1966). That's a pretty tight discursive loop.

"Posse on Greenwich (2017 Mix)"

"Posse on Greenwich (2017 Mix)" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

Some drum and bass type beats I made years ago with Native Instruments' short-lived Intakt plugin were used here, along with some newer "library" DnB beats. The synths used were Zyn-Fusion, formerly ZynAddSubFX (software) and Doepfer A-111-5 (hardware).
After my last post on Tracktion-on-Linux, the company revamped its T7 DAW and it's now called Waveform. The main change is adding a mixer (needed) but unfortunately some stuff broke that was working OK in T7, such as track automation and clip effects. I've submitted a support ticket. In the meantime, this short tune was done using Waveform in its current state of mixed functionality.