those clinton russia scandals

Clinton supporters avoid focusing on the poor election performance of their candidate by keeping a steady stream of revelations about Trump and Russia coming every day. The Washington media seem to think it's 1972 and they are Woodward and Bernstein, breathlessly reporting new details. Meanwhile Trump goes about his business, packing the government with cronies and reversing socially useful regulations.
The irony is the Clintons would be hip deep in Russia scandal if the same level of scrutiny were applied to them.
James Howard Kunstler summarizes neatly:

More interestingly, though, the meme that has led people to believe that any contact between Russians and Americans is ipso facto nefarious vectors into the very beating heart of the “Resistance” itself: the Clintons.

How come the Clintons have not been asked to explain why — as reported on The Hill blog — Bill Clinton was paid half a million dollars to give speech in Russia (surely he offered them something of value in exchange, pending the sure thing Hillary inaugural), or what about the $2.35 million “contribution” that the Clinton Foundation received after Secretary of State Hillary allowed the Russians to buy a controlling stake in the Uranium One company, which owns 20 percent of US uranium supplies, with mines and refineries in Wyoming, Utah, and other states, as well as assets in Kazakhstan, the world’s largest uranium producer? Incidentally, the Clinton Foundation did not “shut down,” as erroneously reported early this year. It was only its Global Initiative program that got shuttered. The $2.35 million is probably still rattling around in the Clinton Foundation’s bank account. Don’t you kind of wonder what they did with it? I hope Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller wants to know.