"Trance Terrarium"

"Trance Terrarium" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

Song made with Tracktion's Waveform digital audio workstation, running on Ubuntu Studio.
Sound sources include:
Tracktion's Collective synth/sampler (running on Windows 7);
Helm softsynth, running on Linux
Tracktion's FM Synth plugin on Linux PC ("organ" patch arranged in an augmented 7th chord)
Various E-Mu samples triggered in Waveform sample players
Beats are scratch samples played in Reaktor Krypt, further sliced in Octatrack and mixed with other percussion.

Update: Made the bridge/ending a hair less simplistic; re-uploaded.
Update 2: Increased the tempo of the bridge/ending and extended the finale with new melodies added; re-uploaded.
Update 3: Opening verse melody slightly de-simplified; re-uploaded.
Update 4 (Oct 14): Opening verse melody de-simplified more; re-uploaded.