"Trailing Trojans"

"Trailing Trojans" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]


Composed w/ Tracktion's Waveform DAW, running on Ubuntu Studio
Sound sources:
Helm softsynth (a guitar-like e-piano setting, played in the piano roll, rendered to audio, sliced, reversed, pitch-altered)
808-style drum hits "found on the internet"
Some percussion riffs made with Elektron Octatrack
"Rock" beat loops from an ancient ROMpler called Beatburner
Calf Monosynth -- my own patches for basslines (triggered and recorded using Ardour and imported into Waveform)
a-fluidsynth playing E-Mu Orbit samples (triggered and recorded using Ardour and imported into Waveform for further alteration as audio)

shorter malcolm morley

Shorter Malcolm Morley:

First came his classic photorealist works from the 1960s, roughly contemporaneous to Chuck Close's and Richard Estes's work and rooted in Pop art. The subject matter isn't "ships" but picture postcards of ships, gridded out and painted square by square. In the late '70s Morley became the expressionist-style painter he is today. One could prefer the earlier work but sympathize with the need to loosen up and not be a lifelong prisoner of a rigid technique.


SS Amsterdam in Front of Rotterdam, 1966

Liquitex on canvas, 62 x 84 in. (date and medium from Jean-Claude Lebensztejn's book on Morley, Itineraries)

jpeg via The Remodern Review



Cristoforo Colombo, 1966

Liquitex on canvas, 45 x 60 in. (date and medium from Jean-Claude Lebensztejn, Itineraries)

jpeg via Hall Collection


Sailing Vessel Floundering in Heavy Seas, 1996

oil on linen, 56 x 72 in. (hat tip JPM)