"The Hidden Masterpiece"

"The Hidden Masterpiece" [.mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

Made with modular synth beats, notes, and semi-ambient noise triggered and synchronized in Tracktion's Waveform DAW (using MIDI clock out), then recorded and edited in Waveform.

Most of the audio comes from ADDAC Systems' Wav and Ultra Wav sample players, which handle beats with reasonable timing as well as random blorts triggered by cv inputs. Other Eurorack devices used are Doepfer's A-154/155 sequencer, MIDI sync, and VC-DSP effects modules (for reverb and chorus). Some melodic riffs were added using the Helm softsynth and Waveform's Collective sampler/synth (gotta have those little tunes) and a "found" 909 drum loop provides additional rhythm.

The title comes from Balzac's famous story of the master painter whose never-before-revealed life project, a portrait of a beautiful woman, turns out to be a morass of vague, indecisive swirls with a single perfectly rendered foot. This has no bearing on this song but it's a good title.