"Three Things They Taught Me"

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Opening track of my new Bandcamp release, Layered Timeline Events. The track features samples from a youtube-famous sales motivational speaker.
LP notes:

"Layered timeline events" is a prosaic way of saying "songs," in the DAW world of ingrained software conventions (which I happen to like at the moment).

I'm also interested in a place where modular synth and PC music are indistinguishable. Typically I have no idea what was used to make what a few weeks after finishing a tune so I must be succeeding.

The LMMS workstation was used on a number of these tracks, hence the "street" version of its logo [dead link to downloadable artwork] used in the cover graphic. Also employed were Carla, Tracktion's Waveform DAW, and a bunch of Eurorack investments, I mean, modules.

"Organleggers" is a Larry Niven term, especially appropriate in an era when the elite of Silicon Valley enjoys transfusions of youthful blood to stay alive.