"social photography" blue chip-o-meter

Carriage Trade gallery is having its annual benefit, this year titled Social Photography VI. Cell phone photos, in editions of ten and printed with inkjet, are offered for sale at $75 per print.
A few years ago I wanted to buy an Olivier Mosset photo and all ten had been sold by the time I looked at the site.
Since I just received the press release today for the current installment, was morbidly curious to see who the top sellers were. Sorting the list by best-selling, here are the ones that are already gone [see update below]:

Dan Graham
Neil Jenney
Barbara Ess
Tracey Emin
Louise Lawler

It's only mentioned because "social" as exemplified by Instagram, et al, is supposed to be a leveler or equalizer, or, has its own hierarchies based on clicks, "SEO," and personal fame (exclusive of art background). In this case, the list of invited artists offers a snapshot, as seen by Carriage Trade, of art world players. This includes critics (Barry Schwabsky), theorists (Hal Foster), plus a couple of members of Sonic Youth.
(In the spirit of "extraneous reasons for art valuation," yrs truly bought a photograph by Stephen Lack, who in addition to being a dues-paying painter is legendary in the film world for playing the "good Scanner" in David Cronenberg's Scanners. Screenshot below.)

stephen lack

Update: Carriage Trade director Peter Scott sent a stern email objecting to my description of the early "best-sellers" in the show. He says that emails announcing the sales went out in advance of the one I received so I changed the wording of the post.