"Chord Bingo" - notes

Production notes for "Chord Bingo," from the Terra Organization LP:


Uncropped screenshot of Tracktion Waveform page. [Standard disclaimer: The Waveform DAW is used for editing and mixing on Ubuntu Studio; the tracks also incorporate sounds playing or triggered on other PCs and devices. This isn't a "score" so much as a form of notekeeping (I prefer these colored blocks, monotonous though they may be, to (a) the Soundcloud waveform with "this rocks"-level superimposed commentary or (b) YouTube demos showing dudes' hairy hands turning knobs.]

In the screenshot many of the tracks and clips are named so there's no need for a complete track breakdown. This tune combines live recordings from a Eurorack synth (SIDGuts, SIDGuts Deluxe modules) with a couple of software sythesizers (Plogue Chipsounds, Arturia SEM V2). The softsynths (which don't have Linux versions) are played on a Windows PC and recorded individually into the Tracktion Waveform DAW running on a Linux PC. On the Linux side, the Multisampler track plays percussion and the Collective ROMpler plays the piano at the end.