"Thx for the Add (2019 mix)"

"Thx for the Add" [3.8 MB .mp3]

Revised version of a track from November 2011.

2011 notes: "This starts all 8-bit* then a secondary theme comes in [consisting of] MIDI controller-controlled CVs altering a [modular] synth's** filter cutoff (pitchbend) and pulse width (mod wheel). At about 1:30*** the 8-bit part drops out and the secondary theme continues over various Reaktor Nanowave patches playing the main theme. It ends with piano..."

2019 notes: Edited to remove needless repetitions of themes. Piano part revised and re-recorded.

*Not sure what module -- possibly the Doepfer A-112 sampler.

**Not sure what module -- something with pulse wave, obviously.

***1:00 in the revised version.