Occult Classical (new Bandcamp release)

Am pleased to announce my 35th Bandcamp release, Occult Classical.

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Liner notes for the LP:

"Higher powers command: paint the upper right corner black," quipped Sigmar Polke in a notable artwork title. Such commands might also lurk behind the meandering signal flow of a modular synthesizer patch or the inchoate logic of placing scraps of digitized vinyl within the layered timeline of a digital audio workstation.

This release combines synth tunes (modular and soft-), beatbox beats, and reassembled sounds from the jazz and classical crates. There is less use of MIDI pattern generation to make chords and arpeggios than in the previous few releases; however, quantization is used within the modular to turn random and/or sequenced pitches into conventional chords and scales.

There is also some emphasis on getting novel timbres into clips, and reacting to those within the composition. A recurring device for turning lead into audio gold is Doepfer's A-112 sampler module, used in about half these tunes. Some custom waveforms were made and uploaded via MIDI to the A-112, using PrivatePublic Music's Doepfer A-112 Waves application (www.privatepublic.de/blog/software/a-112-waves/)

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