around the web (election edition)

Left-leaning commentator Benjamin Studebaker makes the case against Biden in the general.

Along similar lines, Chris Hedges' rant from 2016 on Democracy Now! is airtight (then and now). [YT - starts at 1:37] Jimmy Dore cuts it off after his speech so I don't know if Amy Goodman replied. She was later a Russiagate scammer so am guessing she was flabbergasted by so much unvarnished truth pouring out of one person's mouth.

James Howard Kunstler is so mad about the Russiagate scams and Democratic incompetence (such as engineering the nomination of a right-wing near-vegetable), he's actually going to vote Trump. JHK's to my right on race and immigration issues but he writes as a lifelong Democrat fed up with the mendacity.

Economics prof Michael Hudson explains how debt jubilees worked in ancient societies (pre-Roman Empire) and why something like that would help to get us out of our present mess.