trump is already cutting social security and medicare

Last month Pres. Trump began dismantling Social Security under the guise of "covid." I'm not sure how many of his supporters actually get this, or if "the media" is explaining it clearly. He has signed an Executive Order directing the IRS to stop collecting Social Security and Medicare taxes from people's paychecks for the next four months; these wage-earners will then be hit with a catch-up payment in January (which will be very unpopular, to say the least). If elected, he says he will suspend the collection of Social Security and Medicare taxes permanently. That's the beginning of the end for both programs -- without those taxes, Social Security runs out of money to pay benefits in 2023, according to its chief actuary.

It seems like a dumb thing to do in an election year, since so many people depend on these benefits, but it's possible it's being overlooked with all the focus on law-and-order concerns. Biden is bad on Social Security issues but he's not promising anything this blatant. Trump deliberately confuses the matter by calling these "payroll tax cuts" (which sounds good) rather than "Social Security and Medicare tax cuts" -- it's all the same thing, though.