earcon Sampler: Tom Moody Edit (new Bandcamp release)

earcon Sampler: Tom Moody Edit by St Celfer and Tom Moody

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This release appears on St Celfer and Tom Moody, a collaborative project page for St Celfer (stcelfer.bandcamp.com) and yrs truly.
Liner notes for the release:

earcon was an earlier alias of St Celfer (aka John Parker). For this sampler I chose tracks from earcon's catalog and edited them into the above mix. The songs are discrete, not faded together, offering what I hope is a cohesive "take" on earcon's music.

The earcon project is discussed a bit in our interview at www.tommoody.us/archives/2020/12/04/on-breaking-the-square-a-conversation-between-john-parker-and-tom-moody/.
Parker made the songs over a several year period with the Elektron Monomachine instrument, then saved the individual "stubs" (tracks within the song) as .wav files and further edited them in a home computer.

For this selection I've narrowed the range of the work to short-ish songs with straightforward beats and melodies to try to give the flavor of what can be done with a sophisticated beatbox.
At the same time this is very much a collaborative project, where I have imposed my taste and preferences on John''s music, shortening and occasionally layering tracks, DJ-remix-style.

The releases I culled for this mix (over 50 songs in all) came from four earcon CDs: Party Lion, Funkiller, Funkiller 2, and Funkiller 3-4.
One additional track came from this earcon EP on Bandcamp:
earcon.bandcamp.com/album/earcon-with-tom-moody-vs-st-celfer. John's own compilation of earcon material can be found at earcon.bandcamp.com/album/best-blips-the-funkiller-years
Only three songs overlap in our two retrospectives!