Music from the Internet: A Compilation by St Celfer and Tom Moody

Music from the Internet: A Compilation by St Celfer and Tom Moody
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Am pleased to announce this new Bandcamp release on my collaboration page with St Celfer.
The compilation features music by:

East Sulphur Industries
Travis Hallenbeck
Sa Cha
wet dog
Wet Hands

"Liner notes" for the release:

This LP presents a selection of music that mostly ignores the human element – for example, where buskers sing songs, people hum them, an agent hears them humming, then hustles the busker into a recording studio.

Rather, the songs are fabricated, mostly with digital/electronic means, some with live instruments, then posted to the internet, and listened to (or not) by internet users. In a sense this is Robert Moog’s nightmare of "music made alone to be listened to by people alone."

Or maybe it’s not a nightmare but a true expression of more or less instantaneous peer-to-peer sharing of musical ideas, without costly tours, cigar-chomping agents, and dumb music videos of bands pretending to play their instruments.

Some of the songs come from here on Bandcamp, one of the better "low bar to entry" platforms. Some are self-published and self-hosted. Others are soundtracks to YouTube videos. A few have label or netlabel support.

In making the selection we strived for a balance between noisy and tuneful, melancholy and fun. Between beats and no beats. Between electronic drums and real drums. Between found and created. Between classical electronic and pop electronic. Between sampled and synthesized. Mostly “instrumental” but with a few sampled or sung vocals filtering in.

We hope you enjoy this snapshot of what can be found online.

A discussion between St Celfer and Tom Moody about the music on this compilation, in PDF form, is included as a bonus item for this release