guest DJ set list (May 27, 2021) - Soundtracks 2: '60s-'80s

Thanks to ffog for inviting me to guest-DJ again on his weekly internet radio show, Myocyte.
The mix was "simulcast" on anonradio and tilderadio, and has been archived by anonradio (scroll down to "Ffog - Pleasure & Discomfort Myocyte"). An mp3 version of the mix is here: [1 hr mp3] (The show was broadcast at 1 am on May 28 UTC, which is 8 pm Central, May 27, in the US.)

This was my second soundtracks mix. Part 1 is here. The mix compiles some favorite movie and TV soundtrack excerpts. Most were first heard while watching the film or video and hunted down because they were so ear-grabbing. Some are from soundtrack albums of clips from the films or TV shows.

While the tracks were playing I "announced" via text chat on the #sally and #tilderadio channels on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Listeners could comment or ask questions. This is an interesting way to DJ, very different from my old FM radio days and a few steps up aesthetically from having everyone's data and souls leeched out on spotify, etc.

Set list and notes for the show:

0:00 Jerry Goldsmith, Where the Bad Guys Are Gals (1967) - In Like Flint

2:38 Vince Guaraldi, You're in Love, Charlie Brown (1968)

5:38 Nelson Riddle, Holy Hole in a Doughnut (1966) - Batman

7:31 Vic Mizzy, Morticia's Theme (1965) - The Addams Family

10:07 Dudley Moore, Bedazzled (1967) - Peter Cook as Satan

12:29 Goblin, The Hunt (1979) - Dawn of the Dead

15:12 Stewart Copeland, West Tulsa Story (1983) - Rumblefish

19:06 Wang Chung, City of the Angels (1985) - To Live and Die in L.A.

24:56 Wendy Carlos, The Light Sailer (1982) - Tron

27:16 Claudio Simonetti, Phemonena, (1985) - Dario Argento film

31:39 Vladimir Cosma, Sentimental Walk (1981) - Diva

35:07 Ryuichi Sakamoto, Father Christmas (1983) - Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

37:10 Frank Zappa, Lucy's Seduction of a Bored Violinist & Postlude (1971) - 200 Motels

41:06 Massimo Morante, Fabio Pignatelli, Claudio Simonetti, Tenebrae (1982) - main title - Dario Argento film

45:20 Gato Barbieri, Return (La Vuelta) (1972) - Last Tango in Paris

48:02 John Barry, Capsule in Space (1967) - You Only Live Twice

50:30 Ennio Morricone, The Shower (Deep Down 2) (1968) - Danger: Diabolik

51:52 John Barry, Fight at Kobe Dock/Helga (1967) - You Only Live Twice

55:48 John Williams, TV Reveals (1978) - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

57:32 John Williams, Roy and Gillian on the Road (1978) - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

58:38 Keith Emerson, Mark's Discovery (1980) - Inferno - Dario Argento film