guest DJ set list (July 1, 2021) - Avant-pop & post-Prog

Thanks to ffog for inviting me to guest-DJ again on his weekly internet radio show, Myocyte.
The mix was "simulcast" on anonradio and tilderadio, and has been archived by anonradio (scroll down to "Ffog - Pleasure & Discomfort Myocyte"). An mp3 version of the mix is here: [1 hr mp3] (The show was broadcast at 1 am on July 2 UTC, which is 8 pm Central, July 1, in the US.)

While the tracks were playing I "announced" via text chat on the #sally and #tilderadio channels on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Listeners could comment or ask questions. This is an interesting way to DJ, very different from my old FM radio days and a few steps up aesthetically from having everyone's data and souls leeched out on spotify, etc.

Set list and notes for the show:

Arthur Brown & Vincent Crane - This Is It (1980) - Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Students at Eskilstuna Music School (Sweden) - Just the Same (2012) - YouTube (Gentle Giant cover)

Robert Jan Stips - Shivers (1981) - U.P.

Nick Nicely - DCT Dreams (1980) - 7" single (Nicely eventually became 1/2 of Psychotropic in the rave era)

John Greaves - Photography (1982) - Accident

Yu - Shoes (1982) - We Are Yu (cassette)

Wall of Voodoo - Tomorrow (1982) - Call of the West

Martin Rev - Temptation (1980) - Martin Rev

Dennis Duck - Son of Konticki (1977) - Dennis Duck Goes Disco

Supersister - Spiral Staircase (1970) 7" single b-side

Stephen Sondheim - Poems (1976) - Pacific Overtures (original cast)

Cusco - Ghost Dance (1997) - Apurimac III - Nature • Spirit • Pride

Barbara Morgenstern - Das Schöne Einheitsbild ["The Beautiful Unified Image"] (2006) - The Grass Is Always Greener

David Byrne & St Vincent - Who (2012) - Love This Giant

Sandii - Dream Catcher (1994) - Dream Catcher

Gary Wilson - I Woke Up Into a Thousand Dreams (2008) - Lisa Wants to Talk to You