Myocyte - Live Mix 90

Recommended: Joel Cook's mix for his show last week on tilderadio (streaming internet radio). (His dj name is ffog.)
A downloadable version of the entire mix is here: [.mp3]
He has also posted an annotated version with links to the individual tracks and some background info from discogs and other sources.

Ffog's mixes typically mine the internet for obscurities, heavily but not exclusively in the electronic vein. He does much of his digging on Bandcamp, a motherlode of new music that unfortunately tends to blur and flatten out for the ordinary consumer, with its thousands of uniform squares begging for attention, ranked in quality by more uniform squares ("followers"), mindless robo-filtering, and staff-assisted self-hype. Listening to ffog's mixes is a snapshot of the zeitgeist otherwise unavailable using the site's own tools.

"Live Mix 90" centers around a lesser-known composer of academic computer music, William Schottstaedt (not on Bandcamp but available on YouTube), whose digital musique concrète ranges from eerie, faraway drones to sublime banging and screeching worthy of a Julliard-trained automobile compactor. Several Schottstaedt pieces from the 1980s are interspersed in ffog's mix, which also includes more current avant garde fare, "sound test reels" for timestretched vocals and speaker distortion, 1970s Echoplexed guitar, and the occasional stray pop song.