Broadband Is Meaningless If Content Is Controlled

Open Left on why we'll probably be holding our nose and voting in November 2008:

If anyone has illusions about how horrific Clinton will be as a President, disabuse yourself now. Here's Clinton's 'Innovation Agenda'. Notice what's missing? That's right, net neutrality. And here's a tip as to what she's really planning.

Establish a national broadband strategy called Connect America

Clinton is citing a program called Connect Kentucky as a national model for expanding broadband penetration. Connect Kentucky, which is embraced by the telcos as a way of warding off net neutrality and a real internet policy, defines broadband as 256k, which is about 500 times slower than what's in Japan.

It's typical Clinton. Say you'll end the war, but with residual troops. Say you'll implement universal health care, but without talking about how you're going to get everyone to buy into it. Say you'll expand national broadband, but at a speed about five times as fast as dial-up and without net neutrality protections.

UPDATE: I should note that Clinton has been a supporter of net neutrality protections, and she may yet appoint an FCC that ensures net neutrality is enforced. I just don't think she will, because basing your broadband policies on Connect Kentucky is an indication that she isn't serious about dealing with the corruption in the system that actually led to the evisceration of net neutrality in the first place.