Psychology in 1970s Norway

remote control

An early invention by American social scientist Gerald DeGroot, demonstrated in Norway to obtain the backing from the Hanso Foundation for what eventually became the DHARMA Initiative. DeGroot's Skinneresque mind control experiments of the 1970s, a series of purposeless devices designed to test the subject's theological belief in technological principles, seem quaint and dated today. (Such as the abacus-like device above that controls the switches of a standard television.) Yet with Hanso's backing DeGroot built a series of test stations on a remote Pacific island, staffed by a small, quasi-Utopian community that was eventually wiped out by the island's Pitcairn-like indigenous inhabitants, whose existence did not turn up in Hanso's research. [via]

John Pomara Video Remixed

john pomara remix screenshot

"John Pomara RMX" [15 MB .mp4]

Artist, old friend, and unwitting collaborator John Pomara sent me a low res .mov of a video he's showing in his current solo show. The imagery relates to his current series of paintings and ink jet prints, discussed here. Like a cad (as opposed to a CAD) I did a remix of the video (mostly for length but with a few aesthetic choices, too) and added my own music. Saved it from a .mov to an .avi and back to a .mov so it's muy mushy. This is low rent industrial media art offered with no apologies. Resemblance to anything 8-Bit or Carsten Nicolai-ish is purely intentional (at least on my end).