Forcefield Skull

forcefield - rings

Continuing with our "cool skulls" series, here's the cover of Forcefield's CD Lord of the Rings Modulator, 2001.*
The music is mostly analog synth debris, ranging from quiet chittering to full blown buzz saw. I liked the Providence RI erstwhile collective's music and videos--it's a shame they broke up. Or whatever happened. I met a couple of them once and asked them about it but they were super-evasive. Weighty, weighty matters, these art world careers, best not probed by nosy strangers. With blogs.

*recorded in '01 but released in '03.

Tony Did It First!

oursler skull

Paddy Johnson's complaint about skulls (as in, there's too many of them in the art world and especially at Derek Eller) reminded me to post this image of Tony Oursler's work from a 1998 Metro Pictures show. It's especially germane to the "hot" art world skull, that expensive Damien Hirst confection we all felt compelled to weigh in on. Long before that skull-o-diamonds was a gemlike gleam in the lad's eye, Oursler was there, blazing a trail that...oh, who honestly gives a crap.