Nasty Nets Returns

Nasty Nets is back in active blog mode, after it went down and was replaced by a giant puppy. The rumors regarding its disappearance published here were just that, rumors. It even said that, that they were rumors. There were no "beefs," although there had been one in the past. A fictional one.

Don't Tase Me Guy on Today Show

From Greg Palast. I'm not planning to watch the Today show so don't know if TV will make the tasered student look like a fool (it's a power they can use on anyone they want to discredit, via editing, lighting, etc). If you read his plain words on the page he is the voice of sanity in what Palast calls our "armed madhouse."

In the media frenzy that has surrounded the Tasering of University of Florida student Andrew Meyer during a September John Kerry forum, one voice has been missing from the conversation — Meyer’s. Now that he has been cleared of criminal charges, Meyer, 21, is speaking out for the first time on

In the following Q&A completed via e-mail, Meyer sets the record straight about whether or not his arrest was planned, his motives for attending the Kerry event and what he has learned from the experience... A lot of people have weighed in on your arrest and the events surrounding it, but we have heard nothing from you. Why have you remained silent?

Meyer: On the advice of my attorney, the inimitable Robert Griscti, I went against my instincts and stayed silent. I’m glad that I did. Not only did I have a criminal case pending, but the time away from the spotlight has allowed me to cool off and gain perspective. Was your arrest planned? Did you ask anyone to tape you at the John Kerry event?

Meyer: My arrest was absolutely not planned. You would have to be a fool to intentionally get arrested and incur the cost of cleaning up this mess legally (ask my lawyer, it wasn’t cheap).

I did bring my video camera along. I obviously knew I was going to ask the Senator some tough questions, and I wanted to have it on tape. Before I started asking the Senator my questions, I gave my camera to a woman in line I had never met before who also did not leave when Accent instructed her to, named Clarissa Jessup. Clarissa, I can’t thank you enough for both posting the video you shot and returning my camera to me. Your arrest has sparked a lot of questions about free speech and police brutality, but one of the biggest questions remains your motive for attending the John Kerry event. What was the point you were trying to make?

Meyer: The first question I asked the Senator was about his concession of the 2004 election. Greg Palast, author of “Armed Madhouse,” the book I was holding up at the forum, proved that John Kerry won the 2004 election. The ultimate point I was trying to make was to bring up was the heinous way millions of American votes were chucked in the garbage on Election Day. Not only is this a total assault on democracy, but the same tactics used to throw away votes in 2004 will be used again in 2008. Read about the Help America Vote Act and see for yourself. HAVA helps America vote in about the same way the PATRIOT Act patriotically dismantles the Bill of Rights. In other words, it’s completely Un-American.

The second question I asked was why haven’t Kerry and the Democratic Congress made any moves to impeach Bush, considering he has led us into two wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, and wasn’t even legitimately elected (as Kerry knows since, as he told me, he has read “Armed Madhouse.”) If Kerry is so concerned about the aggressive posturing the administration is taking towards Iran, why don’t he and the Democrats running Congress do something about it? They have the impeachment power. Millions of Americans believe they should use it.

Update: "Armed madhouse" is Palast' s term for the Bush administration; I was using it more inclusively to mean America dominated by the War Party.