Tourist Cabins on Park Avenue

Donna Dennis

Donna Dennis, Tourist Cabins on Park Avenue, 2007. This is not as cool as the kids who lived in a furnished squat inside the Providence Mall, or the J. G. Ballard story about the man who eked out a Robinson Crusoe-like existence in a gap between freeways, but it does qualify as an example of interstitial architecture. When I was a kid I used to drive by a real estate office in a vacant lot that looked like this cabin. I always used to imagine living in it. As an adult I've spent some time in oversized closets--but not on traffic medians. (Photo-Peter Mauss/ESTO)

Update: Ha, guess I should have clarified that the cabins are artworks. Simon Sellars at Ballardian has more thoughts on them in the context of urban slippage zones: "In an over-commodified, all-seeing, all devouring age in which every point on the map seems to have been articulated, colonised and claimed, the inarticulate nature of these ‘blurred zones’ generates a readymade, real-world wormhole, one foot within reality, the other foot without."

"Trance Sequence Experiment"

"Trance Sequence Experiment" [mp3 removed]

Honestly don't remember doing this. Found it on my hard drive from about two years ago and went--"huh." It's like this recurring dream I have where I find a cache of intriguing (usually expressionist) paintings I don't recall making.