Air Force One Movie Ten Years Later

Air Force One, 1997 (Harrison Ford as US President dukes it out with post-Soviet commie hardliners on presidential plane)
fiction/reality compare and contrast

Prescient line spoken by Russian communist (a scenery-eating Gary Oldman): "You who murdered a hundred thousand Iraqis to save a nickel on a gallon of gas are going to lecture me on the rules of war? Well DON'T."

Secretary of Defense: "We don't negotiate with terrorists."
Except when selling them arms to finance revolutions in other countries.

President stays on plane to help his family and colleagues instead of bailing out in "escape pod."
President keeps flying west after attacks on Washington and NY are over.

Secretary of Defense and Vice President clash over whether President is incapacitated and must be overruled.
Secretary of Defense and Vice President run goverment.

Air Force One is hijacked by Russian commandos spraying machine gun fire.
Four US planes hijacked by jihadis with box cutters (or at least no guns so far as we know).

President is a pilot who flew helicopter missions in Vietnam.
President skipped out on the latter part of his air national guard service during Vietnam era.

President personally flies jet to the ground and safety after routing hijackers.
President fails to stop hijacking and rides shotgun for photo op aircraft carrier landing.