Attack of the Clones (Spam)

Can someone explain this? The artist Julien Bouillon, linked to by VVork, seems to have re-appropriated a piece by drx (Dragan Espenschied)--from a series of MSPaint drawings based on spam stock tips.

This is from Bouillon's site (cropped, sorry). He titles it "Corporate Suite":


And this is from Espenschied's site (also cropped), which includes dozens of others and a system for rating them aesthetically:


What's the story here?

Update: I emailed drx, who said: "[t]hese are just pictures me and probably millions of other people received in spam emails. I got dozens a day during Winter 2006 and selected only the most beautiful ones. So nobody was [reappropriating anything]. On the other hand, i think i loved these spams more than anybody else and should get the world exclusive reproduction rights." My apologies to Bouillon for alleging that the coincidence had any negative intent, but I think I'd prefer drx's comprehensive slide show to a single spam as a lambda print.

Update: Not a clone, more like clonal offspring: Paul Slocum has been painting these spams on sweatshirts using puff paint.