Two sides of the street: past future, future past

One side of the street (Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ). The Sleep Cheap store has a "googie" facade, a future-looking architecture style of the 5os and 60s. The Valu-Plus logo is a study in minimalism, balloony serif font notwithstanding.

sleep cheap


On the other side of the street, stores are being converted to the Main Street America look as part of a civic makeover. In the future the googie will be gone and the whole block will look like the past. The only thing "tech" about these signs is Nail Tek.

main street 1

main street 2

Update, March 2011: The blue tile on the sleepcheap facade was removed not long after this post. The metallic swimming pool outline is still there, surrounded by a vague yellowish sandstone texture. Some of the above photos were being hotlinked as some kind of stock photography so I changed the filenames.